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New Year in different counties

The traditions of some countries to welcome the New Year may seem even exotic to Armenians. Even the date is different, and not all countries celebrate Santa Claus and Christmas tree. Europeans also celebrate New Year on December 31, but the main feast for them is Christmas.

The English townspeople at midnight, with the latest wings of the clock, open the doors behind the house to get the old year and open the door to let the new year go inside. The children put a plate for Santa Claus’s gifts before sleeping, and the grass in the shoe for his donkey.

By the way, the tradition of exchanging cards was born in England. The first Christmas card was printed in London in 1843.

In France, Santa Claus, Pierre Noel, visits the New Year’s Eve and leaves gifts in baby pants.

In Austria, they are convinced that to have a happy New Year’s Eve, eat a piece of pork head

Germany has its unique tradition. As soon as the arrows start announcing midnight, people of different ages climb on tables, chairs, armchairs, and with exciting exclamations, “jump” with the last hit of the New Year.

In the New Year’s Eve in Spain, 12 pieces of grapes should be eaten with the clock beats.

The New Year in Colombia turns into a striking and unusual carnival. On December 31, a festive parade takes place. Santa Claus is called Papa Pasquale in Colombia, as well as in all Latin American countries.

New Year is a holiday lantern in China. It is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the Lunar Calendar.

There are eight days to celebrate New Year in India because different cultures are being crossed in that country. In the south of India, the New Year is celebrated in March, in the North in April, in the Kerala Province in July or August

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